Our equipment

Recording equipment

The Wazif recording studio is equipped with a SONY DMX-R100 digital console, linked by fibre optics to the DAW – Digital Audio Workstation and to the MIDI Workstation.

Nearfield monitors are a GENELEC 2029B pair.
Main monitors are GENELEC 1037C pair and FAR LBE12-A subwoofer pair.

The DAW is based on a dedicated high-end multi-CPU system running Steinberg Nuendo.

The MIDI Workstation is based on a dedicated high end multi-CPUs system running Steinberg Cubase.

Both systems are equipped with RME digital I/Os cards, TC Electronics Powercore boards and professional plugins (in alphabetical order): Audio Ease, Celemony, Hofa, IK Multimedia, iZotope, Lexicon, Steinberg, Sonnox, TC Electronics, Waves.

We use top-quality microphones (in alphabetical order): AKG, Beyer, Neumann, Shure.

This configuration can handle projects with 100+ audio tracks (mono & stereo) in 32 bit Float with a recording capability of 24 simultaneous tracks.

Final mixing is 100+ / 24 / 2.

Musical Instruments

Depending on your requirements, WAZIF can also make other musical instruments available, such as:

  • A YAMAHA C6 grand piano
  • top-name hardware synthesizers¬† (in alphabetical order): Ketron, Korg, Moog, Oberheim, Roland, Yamaha
  • top-name software synthesizers (in alphabetical order): Arturia, Native Instruments, Waves
  • top-of-the-range electric and acoustic guitars (in alphabetical order): Dobro, Fender, Gibson, Godin, Guild, Paul Reed Smith, WAZIF
  • top electric guitar amplifiers (in alphabetical order): Engl, Fender, Hughes & Kettner, Lab, Line 6, Marshall, Vox
  • top drums & percussions (in alphabetical order) Latin Percussion, Roland V-Drums, SABIAN cymbals
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