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three times twenty

Charles Loos

Category : JAZZ
Catalogue : Mogno J045

©2011 by Mogno Music

01 In C minor Again Charles Loos 06' 23
02 Primal Hymn Charles Loos 05' 07
03 Eau Pétillante Charles Loos 06' 23
04 Pour Félicien Charles Loos 06' 27
05 Choro Para A (*) Charles Loos 05' 53
06 The Weirdness Of You Charles Loos 05' 39
07 PTC Charles Loos 05' 14
08 Bright As A Father (*) Charles Loos 05' 25
09 Avant Un Rêve (*) Charles Loos 05' 46
10 Dense Danse Charles Loos 04' 17
11 A Guitar Hero Charles Loos 07' 08
12 L.A. Jazz (*) (bonus track) Charles Loos 09' 30

(*) Recorded Live.

"Throughout my professional life in music (now 2 x 20 years and counting…), I have had the opportunity on many occasions to play with some magnificent musicians, who in turn have done me the great pleasure of playing my compositions. They can be heard on most of the records I have been behind. However, sometimes we get involved in music projects that never get past the demo stage, whereas some of the pieces are actually fairly good. In the same way, little gems can be found in some recorded concerts. I have always thought it unfortunate that these little snatches of demos and extracts from concerts are not available on CD.
So, to mark my 3 x 20 years, I have put together the best of unpublished recording on this disc: a gift from me to you, as much as from me to me!
And I have also counted the invited musicians who appear on this CD for you. There are … 25 of them in all! Allow me to pass on my thanks to them a thousand times over!" - Charles Loos.

All tracks, previously unpublished, recorded between 2006 and 2011 by Bernard Focquet at WAZIF Studio (Belgium) except: track 2, recorded by Dave Phillips at Hidden Valley Music Seminars (USA ); track 5, recorded live by Henri Greindl at Salle Columban (Louvranges-Belgium); track 8, recorded live by Pascale Snoeck at Le Marni (Brussels); track 12, recorded live by Henri Greindl at Le Rideau Rouge (Lasne-Belgium).
All tracks edited, mixed and mastered by Bernard Focquet at WAZIF Studio (Belgium), summer 2011, except: tracks 5 & 12, edited and mixed by Henri Greindl at Mogno São Paulo Studio (Brazil), spring 2011.
All tracks published by WAZIF sprl, except track 2.

Charles Loos : Piano

Paul Flush : Hammond Organ (01)
Luc Vanden Bosch : Drums (01, 07)
Ali Ryerson : Alto Flute (02)
Fabrice Alleman : Soprano Sax (03), Clarinet (06)
Anne Niepold : Accordion (03)
Bas Cooijmans : Bass (03, 06)
Jan de Haas : Drums (03, 06, 10)
Sophie Bayet : Violin (04, 06)
Weber Iago : Piano (05)
Henri Greindl : Electric Bass (07)
Bernard Guyot : Tenor Sax (08)
Stéphane Mercier : Alto Sax (08)
Jean-Paul Estiévenart : Trumpet (08)
Yannick Peeters : Bass (08)
Wim Eggermont : Drums (08)
Steve Houben : Alto Sax (09)
Caroline Bayet : Violin (09)
Virginie Petit : Violin (09)
Wendy Ruymen : Viola (09)
Kathy Adam : Cello (09)
Richard Rousselet : Trumpet (10)
André Donni : Teno Sax (10)
Jean Van Lint : Bass (10)
Phil Abraham : Trombone (11)
Peter Hertmans : Guitar (11)
Chantal Willie : Bass (12)
Mimi Verderame : Drums (12)

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Just one of those things... by Charles Loos, André Donni, Jean Van Lint and Luc Vanden Bosch. A CD recorded and produced by Wazif.
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