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Wazif is a private live recording studio, where relaxation always comes first.

Wazif is first and foremost the accomplishment of a dream.

A little background:

Bernard Focquet is a guitarist who has nurtured a passion for music for the past 40 years. Using his formal training as an engineer as a foundation, Bernard has blended his passion for music with over 25 years of experience in the world of computers. The result is a universe that you can share, where music reigns supreme. Supreme in the Wazif live recording studio. And supreme in the Wazif guitar workshop, where hand-made guitars of the very highest quality are created.

Types of music:

Our 70 sq.m. live studio is ideal for jazz, blues as well as classical, medieval, baroque and other types of similar music.


We are there to ensure that a relaxed and professional atmosphere prevails and that the services we offer contribute towards high levels of creativity and fulfillment:
- Multi-track 32-bits float digital recording,
- CD mastering,
- Audio pre- and post-production and arrangement,
- Music publishing and production.

Only available at our Online Shop
Just one of those things... by Charles Loos, André Donni, Jean Van Lint and Luc Vanden Bosch. A CD recorded and produced by Wazif.
More CDs available at our Music Store:
three times twenty by Charles Loos;
piano works by Charles Loos;
nehmat by Weber Iago;
au fil du temps by Charles Loos, Steve Houben, Quatuor Thaïs;
Ménage Artois by Paul Flush, Charles Loos, Luc Vanden Bosch;
Couleurs by Yvette Berger.
Young famous Belgian guitarist Karim Baggili endorses Wazif master-built electric guitars. More...

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