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If you feel that standard models of electric guitar - even those offered by custom shops - simply don't 'do it' for you, or if you have always dreamt of having your very own top-of-the-range guitar, then now is the time to indulge yourself and ask Wazif to create one specially for you. Wazif will produce a beautiful high end hand-made electric guitar commissioned by you (average lead time: 6 to 12 months; for guitars made from some of the rarer woods, this lead time may have to be extended).

We take personal responsibility for:

- the preparation and approval of the specifications and settings for your guitar,
- the selection, from all over the world, of noble species of wood (maple, mahogany, lacewood, korina, koa, alder, ash, ebony, poplar, wenge, rosewood and so on),
- the selection of a neck that suits your individual body shape and style of playing,
- traditional lacquering, using non-toxic lacquers,
- the selection of top-quality sound pickups, active components and mechanical parts,- precision instrument-making.

We are proud to announce that all master-built electric guitars produced in our custom shop by Bernard Focquet this year will be exclusively equipped with Bill Lawrence pickups handmade by Bill for Wazif. Bill passed away on November 2, 2013 but will remain forever the "Emperor of Impedance" and continue through his family team to produce high end pickups for his loyal friends. More...

Only available at our Online Shop
Just one of those things... by Charles Loos, André Donni, Jean Van Lint and Luc Vanden Bosch. A CD recorded and produced by Wazif.
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three times twenty by Charles Loos;
piano works by Charles Loos;
nehmat by Weber Iago;
au fil du temps by Charles Loos, Steve Houben, Quatuor Thaïs;
Ménage Artois by Paul Flush, Charles Loos, Luc Vanden Bosch;
Couleurs by Yvette Berger.
Young famous Belgian guitarist Karim Baggili endorses Wazif master-built electric guitars. More...

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