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piano works

Charles Loos

Category : JAZZ
Catalogue : Mogno J039

©2010 by Mogno Music

01 Ostinato n°20347 Charles Loos 04' 56
02 Rumba Charles Loos 05' 09
03 Le Zap Charles Loos 04' 59
04 Fox Trot Charles Loos 02' 39
05 Valse Musette Charles Loos 03' 53
06 Variantes Sur Un Thème Du Nord Charles Loos 10' 36
07 Wazif (Part I) Charles Loos 08' 37
08 Wazif (Part II) Charles Loos 04' 33
09 Wazif (Part III) Charles Loos 06' 39
10 Wazif (Part IV) Charles Loos 03' 46
11 Wazif (Part V) Charles Loos 06' 09
12 Ostinato n°1 Charles Loos 08' 12

“Piano works” celebrates the welcome return of Belgian Charles Loos to solo piano recording. The pieces come from commissions for theatre and dance as well as inspirations meant for quiet meditation. In Loos’ hands, the piano is transformed into a polymorphous orchestra, cascading colors over tracks that range through diverse inclinations, influences, interests. Here is Charles Loos in a work of stunning intimacy and accomplishment.

All tracks recorded by Bernard Focquet at Wazif Studio between April 2002 and July 2009, except track 6 recorded by Pascale Snoeck at Elle Studio in January 2000.
Edited, mixed and mastered by Bernard Focquet at Wazif Studio - summer 2009.
All tracks published by Wazif sprl.

Charles Loos : Piano


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Just one of those things... by Charles Loos, André Donni, Jean Van Lint and Luc Vanden Bosch. A CD recorded and produced by Wazif.
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